Saturday, October 02, 2004

BBC NEWS | Politics | Howard bids to seize UKIP votes

Hopeless, hopeless.

People know that Blair lied about the WMD. But there is no point in raising the issue unless you are also prepared to call Bush the liar in chief. Howard clearly cannot do this for the same reason that Blair could not be honest. So the whole issue falls flat.

There is little point to cultivating Bush at this point, Bush has already put Howard down on his enemies list for criticizing Blair. When is the UK right going to finally realize that the only way to preserve the special relationship is to eject Bush?

If Bush is elected in November the chances are that the Labour party will eject Blair rather than go to the polls with a leader linked to him. It is one thing to stay in Iraq with a competent President with a chance of turning the situation round. His party does not and will not believe that Bush is anything other than a dangerous idiot. The idea of another four years tied to Bush will cause a revolt. If you don't think that the Labour party is two faced enough to go to war on a platform of ending an unpopular war they started or that the UK people would fall for it...

At that point they will go all out against Bush and we might as well be France as far as the Bush admin is concerned. Don't place too much faith in Howard being able to patch things up either. If you look at the Senate polls the GOP looks set to lose which means a protracted Clinton impeachment style examination of Halibuton, the WMD intel and all the rest.

Look at the budget deficit and tell me that Bush is a conservative. Look at the spending increases, look at the protectionist farm bill and steel duties. Look at what the patriot act is doing to civil liberties.

The only thing this gang wants to conserve is power.

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