Saturday, April 10, 2004

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The wheels have come off the tomato.

Of course it was a stupid idea to try to fit the wheels on in the first place, it was inevitable they would fall off. That is why everyone on the left said not to try. Of course now it is the people who warned it would not work who are to blame for the fact that they fell off.

Only in Bushieland does this type of reasoning hold. When the administration was conducting its mendatious campaign for its war liberals warned that the occupation of Iraq would prove much more difficult than the invasion. Now that things are going badly the Bush appologists claim that the it was the liberals who got it wrong.

The appologists seem to have got it into their heads that because their only post-invasion planning was for the victory parade that nobody else had thought the occupation might not be a 'cake walk'.

Few war opponents doubted that the US military was capable of defeating Saddam's army in a very short period of time with minimal US casualties. The only way the invasion was likely to go wrong was if the generals or their political masters made a collosal blunder, like starting the invasion with a division stuck in the Suez canal.

In retrospect it is just as well that the case made for the invasion was completely false. If Saddam had rebuilt his military, if the WMD had existed, if the vaunted republican guard had not been easily bribed the potential for the Bushies to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory would have been much greater.

According to the Bushies any retrospective analysis of administration policy is defeatist, unpatriotic and only helps the enemy. And of course the same applies to their future plans.

It is therefore considered unhelpful to point out that few things are more likely to make the current situation worse than attempting to hand over 'sovereignty' to an unelected puppet government led by a convicted criminal. One of the very few being the destruction of the shrine of Ali, one of the most sacred in Shia Islam. At present it appears that the administration is poised to do both.

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