Friday, March 26, 2004

The New York Times: Movies: The Brotherhood of the Bell

It took me a while but I now understnd the strange feeling of deja-vu I get when watching the Bush administration try to smear Clarke. I have seen this before, but not during the Nixon years. I saw it twenty five years ago in a made for TV movie called The Brotherhood of the Bell.

It really is all there, the way the media are led into ganging up to help brand the truth speaker a liar, the secrecy, cronyism. Most of all though its the fact that you are either in this circle or you are not and if you are not then you are fair game for anything they decide to do to get you. If you are not in the circle you don't matter at all.

Isn't that just how the country has been goverened these past three years? If you are not a ultra-rich oil tycoon then you really don't matter at all. Kenny Boy Lay matters a heck of a lot more to Bush than the entire state of California. And yes, controlling the oil price means a heck of a lot more than the lives of all the victims of 9/11 and the troops killed in the Iraq war combined.

Towards the end of the film Ford asks 'how can I make people believe'. The answer that comes back is "Two, people, you need a second person, it is much easier to believe two people when they tell a story like yours than it is to believe one".

That is what the country needs now, a second person who has the courage to step forward and tell the truth. sure they will be attacked the same way they set about Clarke. But there are only three of them left trying for a second term, Bush, Cheney and Rummy

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