Monday, August 25, 2003

Dean Launches Sleepless Summer Campaign, Manufactures Groundswell of Support -- GOPUSA

It is very interesting that the GOP should decide to attack Dean in this particular manner. The facts stated are far from ominous as the article attempts to claim. Any candidate would prefer 200 donnations of an average of $50 for 5 donations of $2000 at any stage in the game but particularly now. A $2000 donor has maxed out their allowed donnations, they cannot contribute again. A $50 donor can be approached for more donnations. The federal matching funds cover only the first $250 of any donnation. So the 200 donnations of $50 actually net $10,000 while the 5 big donnations net $11250.

The other own goal in the piece is admitting that Dean is attracting voters who don't normally vote. That is exactly what a candidate dreams of. The party bases can be relied upon to vote, it is the people outside the base who the candidates want to reach and get to the polls. It is much easier to get a non-voter to vote than to get a regular voter to switch party.

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